Hello There!

I am excited, anxious and nervous all at once! This is my 1st post! It is very hard for an introvert (like me)to put myself out there like this but, here we go… Life is just too darn short to not take a few chances, right? I’ve always wanted to pursue writing in some form. More recently though, I found myself thinking of ways I could write and do it now… So when I finally got the guts(and the opportunity) to do it, I took the leap and dove right in! I went down every wormhole I could, took many(sometimes sketchy) email courses and put in lots of time understanding what I needed to do to make this blog become a reality. So there is no going back now. I want to do something creative that can truly help others. I think this blog will be the answer. I will write about everything in life (family, kids, money, cooking, shopping, products, home design, crafts, travel, and entertainment) but with a bit of budgeting and planning in mind! I feel passionate about sharing any knowledge I can on budgeting and planning with others because it has truly set me free! I am a bit of a “Nervous Nelly”. But I have found that when I set a plan for what needs to happen and I act on those plans, I can relax and let things fall into place. I hope that my posts will open some minds up to the idea that setting a budget and having a plan for things does not limit you. In fact, they give you the authority to spend your time, efforts and money the way you want. Now, before you say “Nope, not for me”…wait just a minute there. We aren’t going to be doing any hard math on here. I enjoy real-life stuff when I read articles and books, so I expect that my materials will be real and approachable too! I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds! I hope you will follow up and check back in from time to time as well!

Let's plan to meet again!
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